We took over the Hotel Christophel in September 2016, and have been working diligently to breathe new life into this magnificent building ever since. Our hotel with its individual coffee bar is undergoing an enormous change:

Starting with the housing technology, changes in the IT and IT area, modernization of technology and equipment, on to the transformation of the guest room into a dreamlike coffee bar with handmade furniture with attention to detail.
We added completely new area to buy our outstanding coffee varieties and products around the coffee.
Our current project is the complete redesign of the first floor. Once upon a time… and now? Come and see for yourself!
Our website is changing daily as well – have a look!

Every day we embark on a journey of change and look forward to a new experience. Our goal is a coffee hotel with its coffee bar the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else. We would like to take you on our trip and are already looking forward to spoiling you with our extravagant coffee specialties and other treats.

Mondo del Caffè lives a philosophy of excellence in all its areas, of sustainability and transparency, so that ALL people in and around the world of coffee and above all YOU can benefit from it. We cordially invite you to be a part of our Mondo family and are looking forward to being your host!

The team

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